Vishwakarma Electricals

Agra (India)
Call Now : +91-9760409591, 7088876888
Company Established : 2013
Member Since : 2017
Business Type : Electrical & Civil Work Contractor
Country :     INDIA

About Us

Vishwakarma Electricals was established in the year 2013, as an Electrical & Civil work products supply, installation commissioning for private as well as government sector.

We offer services for Erection, Installation and Maintenance of HT & LT overhead & underground Cable, Transformers, Panels, Commercial Electrification, Industrial Electrification, Turnkey

Projects Services and others.

Apart from a team of expert professionals and employees, we also have other robust facilities in our organisation. We make labourious efforts for quality Management, We are "A" class Electrical & Civil work contractor Firm.


Our Expertise in Electrical Sector

Electrical Services - H.T. Side
  • High Tension Line work upto 11 KV
  • Overhead/underground independent feeder line
  • H.T. Cable joints with Heat Shrinkable Cable jointing kits
  • R.S.J. Poles, P.C.C. poles and steel Tubular Poles.
  • G.O.D., D.O. Fuse, C.T. & P.T.
  • H.T. XLPE cable/A.C.S.R
  • Chemical/Plate Earthing
  • G.L./Copper Strip & Wire
  • Laisioning Work as per SEB rules & regulations.

Electrical Services - L.T. Side:

  • L.T. Panles
    • Distribution panels
    • HVAC Panels
    • Lighting Panels
    • SP JB Panels
  • Bus Bar Truking System
  • Bus duct
  • Rising Mains.
  • L.T XLPE/PVC Cabing (Arm/Unarm/Flexible)
  • Cable Management System (Thru Cable Trays, Raceways etc.)
  • Maintenance free Chemical Earthing (G.L./Copper)
  • Power Sockets.

Map / Location

Contact Information :  
Company Name : Vishwakarma Electricals
Street Address : B-325, Block-B, Shastri Puram, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India
Contact Person : Mr. Amitabh Kr. Vishwakarma
Mobile : +91-9760409591, 7088876888
City : Agra

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