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About Us

Neev is a trade mark of VED MATA INDUSTRIES, ISO 9001:2008 Certified leading manufacturer of advanced and effective technologies in water purifying system (UV+RO) for commercial and residential use.

Our company is dedicated to the purification of drinking water and keeping the citizens safeguarded from water-borne diseases. The cornerstone of NEEV success is its commitment to the best technology backed by the most efficient customer support.

Neev offers three technologies, Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Filtration (UF) and Ultra Violet Light(UV)), for residential and commercial purposes. All products comes with many unique benefits.

Because we care about what goes into your body.



Double protection ensures 100% protection from dissolved impurities in water and also disinfects the water using UV rays for total safety and purification.

Specifications: Storage Capacity: 10.5 Ltr.
Flow Rate: 12-15 Ltr/hr
Power Consumption: 35 watt
Supply Voltage: 220 volt AC
Weight: 12.5 Kg
Dimension: 375x170x550 (mm) for more log on to : Neevro Website

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Company Name : Ved Mata Industries
Street Address : F-1, Industrial Area, Haridwar-249401, Uttarakhand
Contact Person : Mr. Vineet Dhiman
Phone : +91-1334-2221255
Mobile : +91-9997741457, 9719411156
City : Haridwar

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