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Welcome to Papu Welding Works

Papu Welding Machines is Established in The Year 2002 By Mr. Mr. Poornchand Gogia. It's well supplies to Reputed Hospital In Agra. We are providing Best Quality Services Regarding a Agra Medical Gas Center. We are one of the leading provider of Medical Gases In Agra.

A welding power supply is a device that provides an electric current to perform welding. Welding usually requires high current (over 80 amperes) and it can need above 12,000 amperes in spot welding. Low current can also be used; welding two razor blades together at 5 amps with gas tungsten arc welding is a good example. A welding power supply can be as simple as a car battery and as sophisticated as a modern machine based on silicon controlled rectifier technology with additional logic to assist in the welding process.


Our Products :
Oxygen Gases
Nitrogen Gases
Carbondioxide & all kinds of Industrial Gases
Gas Cutter Welding Rod
Electrode Carbide and all kinds of welding equipments.

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Company Name : Pappu Welding Material
Street Address : 33/103, Opp, Lauries Hotel, Pratap Pura, Agra-282010, Uttar Pradesh, India
Contact Person : Mr. Vivek
Phone : +91-562-2261716, 3292170
Mobile : +91-9837019587, 9927083074
City : Agra

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