Matrix Water Technology

Agra (India)
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About Us

Matrix Water Technology Providing a Complete Water Treatment Solution.

RO Advantages :

Beside bad odour and taste the impurities (TDS) like nitrates, arsenic, insecticides, metals (heavy), bacteria, phosphate, sulphates, chlorides and many more stell unidentified, are flushed out of water toe drain thru SEMI-PERMIABLE MEMBRANE up to 95% Thus giving you CRYSTAL CLEAR SAFE DRINKING WATER as NATURE EVER WANTED IT TO BE.


We Provide Turnkey Solutions in : Industrial & Commercial Water Treatment Plants, Package & Natural Mineral Water, Swimming Pool, Sewage Treatment Plant.

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Company Name : Matrix Water Technology
Street Address : 34, Shanti Nagar, Mughal Road, Kamla Nagar, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, (INDIA)
Contact Person : Mr. Harveer Singh, R.S. Sharma
Mobile : +91-9219591905, 9719969941
City : Agra

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