Harihar Biotech

Agra (India)
Call Now : +91-9719501600
Company Established : May 2008
Business Type : Education Institute
Website : http://www.hariharbio.com/
Country :     INDIA

About Us

Harihar Biotech is Plant Biotechnology Company, especially focusing on developing technologies for crop variety improvement, through micro propagation, also we are providing Agri-focused technology development knowledge for the growth in agriculture sector in India. We believe that through proper incorporation of biotechnology in farmlands we can achieve Sustainable Agriculture Growth to meet the growing demand of agriculture needs.


Plant Tissue Culture, Plant Transgenic, Thermo-tolerant Biofertilizers, plant transgenics and plant systems biology

Map / Location

Contact Information :  
Company Name : Harihar Biotech
Street Address : (Corporate Office) : 2670, Link Road, Nunhai Industrial Area, Agra-282006, Uttar Pradesh, (INDIA)
Contact Person : Mr. Amit Gupta
Phone : +91-562-2281099, 2281122
Mobile : +91-9719501600
Fax : +91-562-2281122
City : Agra

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