Company Profile :

Agra Yellow Pages is a Online Business Directory to facilitate the interaction among the business community. The Agra Yellow Pages offers opportunity for direct link between the supplier and customer popularly known as B2B services. The Online directory is organized in a manner to easily locate the business opportunity offered by the industry in and around Agra, India.

It endeavours to list all the companies and business groups available, their specialization, contact persons and addresses along with links to their websites accurately, so that the relevant information is available to the user to establish business contact for the mutual benefit of supplier and buyer. The database is comprehensive and complete to provide a fulfilling experience to all alike. The directory has become a de-facto standard for Industrial Search. The Directory provides listing based upon major business categories as well as content search to locate an interest.

Agra Yellow Pages  is a company floated by a group of professionals with a motto to make business information available in a manner to be retrieved easily and online through web. The company has its base at Agra, India and has marketing research teams to explore the Industries, obtain their business information and catalogue them for easy accessibility.

The policy of the company is to provide reliable and accurate information which it achieves through market research, getting in touch with the industry and constantly update on real time basis to become a “One Stop Shop”. Right from the inception, the company has imbibed this spirit and is constantly improvising to achieve the goal.

The company also provides services in the field of media presentation to industrial houses by helping them to adopt a logo, eye catching advertisements, captions to place the relevant information in right perspective and help them to project their true self.

Agra Yellow Pages  is a company floated by professionals to pioneer the idea of placing Agra on the world map by utilizing the information Super Highway. The information is available on world wide web with a click of a button which gives the opportunity to the world to explore THE TAJ CITY. This provide immense benefits to our advertisers as it exposes them to all across the world and makes them a part of Global village called