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Katheriya Bangle Store

Merchants of fancy glass bangles
Street Address :Gali No. 6, Naya Rasulpur(Kartar Nagar) Firozabad.
Contact Person :Mr. Virendra Kumar Gupta, Vikas Gupta, Akash Gupta
Phone :+91-5612-245176,243759
Mobile :+91-9897445176, 9837047142, 9917769900
City :Firozabad

M S Bangles

We are engaged in Retailing and supplying Fancy Bangles. These are fabricated attractively by our skilled members by using the gems and beads as required.
Street Address :248, Badi Chapeti, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
Contact Person :Mr. Mukul Gupta
Phone :+91-5612-245059 (Off), 232110 (Res)
Mobile :+91-9412266479, 9837013844
City :Firozabad

M M K Gupta & Co

Deals in all types of bangles
Street Address :278. Badi Chhapeti, Dakiyan Street, Firozabad-283203
Contact Person :Mr. Mahendra Kumar Gupta
Phone :+91-5612-242130
Mobile :+91-9219441710, 9897048075, 9897541553, (Shop) 9219440952, (Godown) 9219440954
City :Firozabad

Praveen Kumar Sudhesh Kumar Enterprises

Fancy Glass Bangles Merchant.
Street Address :16-A, Circular Road, Firozabad-283203
Contact Person :Mr Sudesh Kr Agarwal
Phone :+91-5612-242328, 247284
Mobile :+91-9412266381, 9760014001
City :Firozabad

Maharaja & Co

Deals in all types of Colorful Designed Bangles.
Street Address :25/1, Jindal Ganj, Hanuman Road, Firozabad-282203
Contact Person :Mr. S P Gupta, Adhesh Gupta
Phone :+91-9412265617, 9997017507
Mobile :+91-5612-2246606
City :Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh

Ashwani Kumar & Co.

Wholesaler of Fancy Glass Bangles.
Street Address :Near Goverdhan Market, Gali Bohran, Firozabad-283203, Uttar Pradesh, (INDIA)
Contact Person :Mr. Ashwani Gupta
Phone :+91-5612-241810, 236200, 236100
Mobile :+91-9837039477, 9412267372, 9897129000, 9837321660
City :Firozabad

Sarvodaya Glass Industries

We manufacture glass all types of fancy glass bangles.
Street Address :Fact.: Near the Unique Light Showroom, Jain Nagar, Firozabad
Contact Person :Mr. Hanuman Prasad Garg, Manish Garg, Satendra Garg, Parag Garg
Phone :+91-5612-231441, 245441
Mobile :+91-9412268384, 9897617441, 9897618441, 9897619441
City :Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh

Shri Satya Narayan

Deals in Fancy Glass Bangles.
Street Address :14, Adarsh Nagar, Firozabad-283 203, Uttar Pradesh, (INDIA)
Contact Person :Mr. Madan lal Gupta, Manish Gupta, Manoj Gupta
Phone :+91-5612-242040, 233715
Mobile :+91-9219518640, 9927948640
City :Firozabad

G. S. International

Manufacturers & Exporters of glass bangles.
Street Address :36-Gher Bohran, Firozabad - 283203 U.P. (INDIA)
Contact Person :Mr. Gaurav Gupta
Phone :+91-5612-241230
Mobile :+91-9837046436
City :Firozabad

G. Surendra Kumar & Co.

Fancy Glass Bangle Merchant.
Street Address :Shop: Babu Ram Paliwal Market, Gali Bohran, Firozabad / Address-2 : Godown : 124 Bari Chapati, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, (INDIA)
Contact Person :Mr. Surendra Kumar Gupta, Ajay Kumar Gupta
Phone :+91-5612-246526
Mobile :+91-9837552008, 9897027137, 9719295011
City :Firozabad

Kanha Bangles

Deals in all types of fancy Glass bangles, Plain Glass Bangles, Plastic Fancy Bangles & etc.
Street Address :45, Muhalla Duli, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, (INDIA)
Contact Person :Mr. Naresh Bansal (Titu), Renu Agarwal
Phone :+91-5612-232226
Mobile :+91-9259781580, 9997318566, 9286224501
City :Firozabad

Parolia Kangan Store

Deals in all types of Glass Bangles, Brass Bangles, Silver Bangles & etc.
Street Address :Gali Bohran, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, (INDIA)
Contact Person :Mr. Vivek Singhal (Vikky)
Mobile :+91-9997766606, 9760007606, 9760027606
City :Firozabad

Annapurna Bangles Store

Retailers of glass Bangles
Street Address :Tundamal ka bag Dirga Nagar, Firozabad.
Contact Person :Mr. Akash Gupta
Phone :+91-9897043070, 9897066243
Mobile :+91-
City :Firozabad

Madhu Bangles

Wholesale Retailer of bangles.
Street Address :2nd Floor, Govind Market,Gali Bohran, Firozabad-283203, Uttar Pradesh, (INDIA)
Contact Person :Mr.Rohit Gupta
Phone :+91-5612-247469,243021
Mobile :+91-9837302064,9897017217
City :Firozabad

G.S. India / G.S. International

Manufacturers & Exporters of Glass Bangles
Street Address :36-Gher bohran, Firozabad-283203.U.P.
Contact Person :Mr. Mona Gupta, Gaurav Gupta
Phone :+91-5612-241230
Mobile :+91-
City :Firozabad
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