All India Forgery Detection & Finger Prints Bureau (Forensic Bureau)

Agra (India)
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Company Established : 1955
Member Since : 2009
Business Type : Handwriting and Finger Prints Experts
Country :     INDIA

About Us

All India Forgery Detection & Fingerprints Bureau is Established by Mr. Purushottam Kashyap (Father) (Formerly of Guntur (A.P. & Delhi) in 1955. Opinion Acceptable in The Courts of Low under Indian Evidence Act.

Profession to examine disputed documents is in our family since 1930s my Grandfather, uncles, father, brother, sister have been managing their consultancy offices in different parts of India, this firm was established by my father in 1955, he was an eminent Examiner of Questioned Documents of all India fame. We are the third generation in this profession. Specialist in detection of disputed handwriting & fingerprints identification on forged Wills, Agreements, Pronotes, Receipts, Cheques, Deeds, Letters, Suicide Notes, Applications, Anonymous Letters, Registers, Slips etc. Detection of fictitious and fabricated documents by mean of forged signatures, writings, finger prints, type writing, seals, stamps, lifting of signed revenue stamps, forgery over genuine signature, writing on old folded documents, writing over erased matter, alterations, antedating, tracing, scanning or other possible means. Examination of sequence of stokes on writings and disputed documents. Catering services on all India level, directly to various government departments, police investigations, companies, corporations, honourable courts, lawyers and litigants. Written matter in all languages/scripts is undertaken for examination.

Mission Contribute to Administration of Justice System through the Science of Examination of Disputed Documents.

Awards Original Documents are sent to our office for examination and comparison by various honourable courts and government departments from all over India for more then last 50 years.

Products Service to examine the genuineness of disputed documents, hand-writings and finger prints.

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Handwriting and finger Print Expert Cross Examiner & Document Photographer

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Company Name : All India Forgery Detection & Finger Prints Bureau (Forensic Bureau)
Street Address : 84, Nehru Nagar, Near Park, Agra- 282002, Uttar Pradesh, India
Contact Person : Mr. Roopak Kashyap - Chief Executive
Phone : +91-562-4001384, 2521176
Mobile : +91-9897292311
City : Agra

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