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Agra, Uttar Pradesh (India)
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About Us

Landrik Shoes has been producing high quality footwear for men with great passion and craftsmanship. In a short span of time the brand has created niche for itself in a highly competitive market where new brandds keep appearing and disappering. We at Landrik Shoes have all leather shoes built to perfection by our skilled and qualified team. It might shound cliche but we have developed a habit of not letting a flaw pass into our shoes. Its no wonder that these fine pairs are winning more and more admirers everyday.

We at Landrik shoes have a vision. We have seeen that there is a gap in the market. People looking for hight quality leather shoes have to shell out a premium. We consider this unfair and we have taken this as an opportunity and a challenge. We are making sure that we create robust, fashionable and comfortable footwear without burning a hoel in consumer pocket.

Seriously smart and surprisingly comfortable, fooks and tough built. The all new all leather Landrik collection is here to delight the souls of quality footwear lovers with fine details, and superior finish this cotlection is lovingly designed to stand a part for trousers to chinos to ieans for youngs and not-so-youngs, this Landrik collection iswell made well styled, well priced; sleek and elegant yet maintains an air of masculinity.

We are really proud of our state of art production unit and we keep upgrading manufacturing, R&D and QC processes to keep up with the latest.ln-fact Landrik Shoes is a nice cocktail of traditional Indian hand craftsmanship and truly modern mechanised shoemaking We are working to maximise our potential and we hope we will be able to keep thepromisethatwe,vemadetodeliverpremiumshoesformenata reasonable price.


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Company Name : Landrik Shoes
Street Address : 6C/5/5K, Aajad Nagar, T.P Nagar Road, Agra, UP, India
Phone : +91-562-4058033
Mobile : +91-9897518033
City : Agra, Uttar Pradesh

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